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Posted on 25th Oct 2017

What is pancreatitis ?

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the organ pancreas ,which is present deep inside the abdomen. Patients develop sudden and severe stomach pain and swelling. As the disease progresses they may develop low urine output and breathing difficulty.

What are the causes of Pancreatitis?

Alcohol and Stones in the biliary system are the common causes . Other causes include dyslipidemia, hypercalcemia, viral infection, certain medicines and autoimmunity.

What are the complications of acute pancreatitis?

Pancreatic necrosis, Infected pancreatic necrosis, Pseudocyst, pseudoanuerysm , Bowel Gangrene ,Pleural effusion, organfaliure(kidney,lung,heart) can occur in pancreatitis.

How is acute pancreatitis diagnosed?

Acute pancreatitis is diagnosed if  any two of the following is present

  1. Typical pancreatic type of pain
  2. Elevated amylase/lipase
  3. Immaging evidence of pancreatitis

How is acute pancreatitis treated?

Pancreatitis can be mild, moderate or Severe. A pancreatitis specialist needs to examine you and decide if you need ICU care . Initial phase of disease is managed by aggressive volume resuscitation and supportive care . Identification and treatment of the inducing cause is essential in preventing recurrence.

What are the treatment available for complications of pancreatitis?

  • Percutaneous catheter drainage of fluid collection.
  • Endoscopic drainage of Pseudocyst.
  • Laparoscopic surgery for pseudocyst.
  • Video Assisted Retroperitoneal Necrosectomy(VARD) for infected pancreatic necrosis.
  • Distal panceratectomy and splenectomy for tail disease and pseudoaneurysms.

What are the treatment options for biliary pancreatitis?

  • ERCP and Stenting if severe
  • Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

What is recurrent acute or idiopathic pancreatitis ?

After investigating for all the cause if no etiology is identified it is called as idiopathic pancreatitis.

Where to get treatment for acute pancreatitis?

Contact our specialist at Digestive Diseases Clinic (DDC GASTRO).Our pancreas specialist with many years expertise in the field will be able to treat you and offer best quality of life.


What is Chronic pancreatitis?

Unlike acute pancreatitis, Chronic pancreatitis is a ongoing inflammation of the organ.

What are the symptoms of Chronic Pancreatitis?

Severe abdominal pain, vomiting and greasy stools are common.

What are the complication of chronic pancreatitis?

As the gland is destroyed insulin secretion reduces resulting in apancreatic diabetes. Blood vomiting due to pseudoaneurysm, duodenal stricture, pseudocyst and biliary obstruction resulting in jaundice can occur in chronic pancreatitis. In extreme cases ductal disruption occurs resulting in pancreatic fistula and pancreatic ascites.

What are the investigation available for chronic pancreatitis?

CT abdomen and MRI in selected cases. Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) is useful when there is a diagnostic dilemma or in early cases when changes are not seen in CT.

What are the treatment available for Chronic pancreatits?

The main stay of treatment is to identify the cause and treat it. In the initial stages adequate analgesic medicines and diet modification with enzyme supplements will help in relief of pain. When pain becomes incapacitating or if there is other complications ,surgery may be necessary.

What is the role of endoscopic stenting?

Endoscopic stenting and lithotomy is useful in duct predominant disease and a small volume of intraductal stone removable by endoscopy is present in the proximal duct . Multiple strictures, heavy stone load will not be successful in endoscopy.

What are the surgical options for chronic pancreatitis?

The mainstay of surgery is to decompress the obstructed duct ,remove the stones and to reestablish drainage into the intestine. Head coring is done to eliminate the pacemaker of pain.

What is the best treatment for chronic pancreatitis?

The best treatment of chronic pancreatitis has to be tailored according to the patients symptoms and the morphology of the gland and associated complications. Our Chronic pancreatitis specialist surgeon at Digestive diseases surgery clinic will provide expert guidance and care.

Our Publications in chronic pancreatitis.

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